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Reserve of Cavagrande Cassibile


Natural Reserve of Cavagrande Cassibile (surroundings) The extensive karst plateaus of the Iblei Mountains dominate the landscape the southeast end of Sicily, between the provinces of Ragusa and Siracusa. E 'especially in the latter that the plateau assumes spectacular aspects for the presence of deep fractures, called "hollow", which furrow the edges. It is produced [...]

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The Cathedral of Syracuse


"Take a greek temple, incorporate it in full in a Christian building, to which you add later a Norman façade that is struck by the great earthquake of 1693. Without discouraging you, and put back to work, completely changing direction, replace the old facade with a delicious Baroque composition of roughly 1728-54. And the [...]

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The island of Ortygia


The island of Ortygia Ortygia has a link, due to its name, with the Greek island in the Aegean Sea, Delos (Delo in Italian). The Greek island is part of Unesco's World Heritage List, just like Ortigia in Syracuse, Sicily. Their bond is identical in their name; In fact, both in antiquity they were [...]

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The fountain of Diana


    The fountain of Diana The fountain, built in 1906 by the sculptor Giulio Piceno Muskets, tells the story of the nymph Arethusa, who escapes from Alfeo, protected by the goddess Diana. The buildings overlooking the square sum up all of the island's history, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Clockwise [...]

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The church of Saint Lucia


The church of Saint Lucia The Church and the Cistercian convent dedicated to St. Lucia had a prominent place in worship citizen, because of its location in the heart of Ortigia and especially for the feast of St. Lucia in May, set up in memory of a miraculous intervention (still celebrated on the first Sunday [...]

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The temple of Apollo


  (APOLLONION) is one of the most important monuments of Ortigia, in front of the square Pancali in Syracuse, it is dated in early sixth century BC and is therefore the oldest Doric temple in Sicily or at least the first corresponding to the model that was firmed across the Hellenic world of peripteral temple [...]

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